Independent, trusted, and strategic technology advice and implementation services.

Double-Helix provides customized and independent technology assessment, technology strategy, and software implementation services.  We are the trusted advisor and offer guidance and flexible services to life-science, technology, and bio-medical companies ranging from startup to large enterprise.

Enterprise Architecture

Double-Helix can help you establish an enterprise architecture program for your organization, map business processes to technology solutions, identify key capabilities needed, assess current technology, and create a roadmap for technology migration.

Double-Helix® Technology Advisory Services will help develop an enterprise architecture “blueprint” that supports business growth and transformation and provides a capability map and plan to reach the desired future state.

Test Automation and Validation Solutions

Ensure your software systems meet quality requirements. Double-Helix quality engineering and validation professionals will provide risk-based validation strategies and direction for automated testing solutions for custom developed and off-the-shelf software solutions.

Double Helix has a talented and scalable team of  remote quality assurance engineers to test your software using both manual testing and test automation scripts.  Our team is adept at using tools such as HP Quick Test Professional (QTP), Telerik Test Studio, Sahi Pro, and Selenium.  They are also familiar with unit test solutions such as NUnit, JUnit, and phpUnit.  We will pair the remote team with your local QA team or with our on-site experts who can develop your test plans, traceability matrix, and detailed test cases.  Our strategic, systematic, and thoughtful test planning, test execution, and testing reports can help your company release high quality web-based, desktop, and mobile solutions and products for healthcare and meet the most stringent requirements of FISMA, HIPAA, ISO, and FDA.

Cloud Computing and Integration

AWS Architecture

Leverage Amazon AWS Virtual Private Cloud, Elastic Load Balancer, Auto Scaling Groups, Cloud Watch, Dynamo DB, EBS, Glacier Storage, Cloud Identity, and Burstable Compute services.

Double-Helix provides strategic planning and architecture guidance to migrate your applications and services to the cloud and beyond.

The team will help keep you abreast of latest features of Google Compute and Amazon Web Services.   Better understand trends in cluster computing such as Spark and Mesos.

Bioinformatics and Statistical Computing

Rapidly staff your next research informatics project.  Double-Helix provides resources to solve the most challenging bioinformatics, statistical, data visualization, and sequencing problems.  We can help you get the right resources in place to handle on experimental design, process development parameters, look at assay specificity and sensitivity, process monitoring, visualization, and troubleshooting.

High Performance Compute and Storage

Solve next-generation and big data problems.  Double-Helix experts will architect strategies for on-premise and cloud High Performance Computing (HPC) and petabyte storage solutions and roadmaps. Learn about and leverage traditional storage, NAS, SAN, and innovative object-based storage technologies on premise and in the cloud.   We can help you get access to cost-effective on-demand  cloud solutions using Amazon Web Services (AWS) using “ParallelCluster,” “SpotInstances” and other tools.

Big Data Solutions, Hadoop and NoSQL 

Double Helix will help you develop strategies for data-warehousing, master-data-management, and leverage the latest cloud data analysis and visualization solutions. We can help you leverage solutions including Microsoft PowerBI, Tableau, Looker, and others.

Identity Management and Group Policy

Use on premise identity management tools such as Active Directory, Cloud IdP solutions, Single-Sign-On (SSO) , SAML, and oAuth.  Select and architect solutions to manage privileged identity accounts and passwords.  We’ll help you assess the capabilities of vendors such as Okta, Symplified, One-Login, and CA.

Web and Internet Strategy

Double Helix can help get you started developing a unified strategy and guidance in choosing providers for your internet web presence, including technology platform selection, hosting , Content Distribution Networks (CDNs), Load Balancing, Web Application Firewalls (WAF),  Content Management Systems (CMS),  Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Plus make sure your websites meet the proper compliance requirements ranging from Privacy Statements to Terms of Use (TOU).  Learn to select and use WordPress, SiteCore, Umbraco, HubSpot, and other CMS platforms.

Technology Leadership – Virtual CIO/CTO

Double Helix expert personnel are able to serve your growing organization as a virtual or fractional CIO/CTO, providing strategic direction, co-ordinate resources, and select technology at a fraction of the cost of a full-time officer.

Leveraging a Double Helix fractional CIO can help you prioritize capabilities, mentor staff, evaluate solutions from a holistic perspective, make near term technical decisions that align with future goals, and budget for the future.