Matching top talent to exciting personalized medicine careers

Double-Helix® Recruiting and Specialized Search matches top level executives, technologists, engineers, and scientists with the innovative pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and personalized medicine companies.

Our network and relationships with life-science industry executives, directors, technology, and research professionals makes us uniquely able to find and attract top talent.

Recruiting Services

Double Helix provides scalable recruiting services matched to your company’s needs and stage of growth. Our customized recruiting services include:

Leverage our boutique full-service retained recruiting service to recruit critical senior hires or augment your existing talent team with an expert on-site recruiter or talent sourcer.

Our on-site recruiters and sourcers can join your team though our staffing service or can work remotely on a roster of positions on a project basis.

Effective hybrid recruiting engagements include a recruiting lead on-site one to two days per week combined with specialist remote recruiters matched to each of the roles being hired.

Our talent sourcing team can complement your existing recruiting staff by generating exceptional lists of candidates to target and keep your recruiting pipeline full.

Our Recruiting ProcessHiring

The Double-Helix team will invest significant time and energy in developing a strong understanding of your company culture, products, and services.

From our first screening phone call to an accepted offer, Double-Helix will communicate the unique attributes of your organization and present the most qualified candidates to you.

Double Helix works closely with your team to refine job descriptions and develop a clear candidate profile and strategy for recruiting each hire.

Armed with that knowledge Double-Helix will effectively promote and market your company to prospective candidates and is able to leverage its extensive network to identify passive candidates in the market.

Double Helix is able to effectively determine if the candidates have the skills, experience, and fit that will meet your organization’s need.  Double-Helix screens candidates using structured phone interviews and in-person meetings where appropriate before presenting you with a set of candidates that best match your job and company.

Our recruiters will identify technical and leadership qualities of candidates, and are able to provide thoughtful and insightful analysis of prospective hires.

We can help you structure the offer and provide guidance to you and a base salary, bonus, stock package, and other package elements that can be mutually agreed upon.  We will also get the candidate excited about the offer and opportunity and increase the probability that they’ll accept.

Client Focus

Double Helix understands that we are the face of your company during the recruiting process and we are experts at promoting your company’s brand,  and conveying the unique science, technology, and people that make your company attractive in the competitive job market.

Double Helix can help your growing organization map key capabilities, identify hiring priorities, generate job descriptions and provide market trends and data about new roles.

Recruiting Fees

Our retained search fees are based on a percentage of candidate compensation, and are invoiced on a milestone basis.  Our on-site recruiters are typically provided on a hourly basis, and our hybrid recruiting services are priced at a negotiated monthly rate.